Poorly Dressed


Silly Dog, Duckface is for Teenage Girls

duckface dogs - 6680625408
Created by Unknown

That Argyle is Totally YOU

dogs poorly dressed sweater - 8201414400
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Do Dogs Really Need Daytime and Evening Looks?

dogs fashion - 7829584384
Via the 5th annual Kitty CATure Fashion Show

The Comfiest Puppies You'll Ever Put On

dogs flannel pajamas - 7831413760
Via Big Dog Sportswear

I Do Not Like the Teddy Suit

teddy bear dogs onesie poorly dressed - 8209089024
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Fun in the Sun

dogs snow swimsuits - 7159120384
Created by Unknown

Those Heart Eyes Are Lying

shoes dogs funny - 7565829888
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Zangief Prefers Dog Shirts, Thankyouverymuch

best of week dogs Hall of Fame pug shirt Street fighter - 6379360768
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Only a He Can Retreive our Happiness

dogs fashion shirt - 7936245760
Created by Unknown

"What Did I Do to Deserve This Humiliation?"

costume dogs - 6526783744
Created by Unknown

The Wheels on the Bus Go "Woof Woof Woof"

dogs - 6544281088
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Your Dog Loves Star Wars as Much as You Do, Right?

costume dogs star wars poorly dressed - 8319328256
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Who You Calling Pugly Now?

fashion dogs pug eyelashes - 7984699136
Created by Unknown

The Ultimate Fashion Accessory

dogs fashion pug weird what - 6390781440
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Such Shirts

dogs Memes t shirts poorly dressed - 8341128960
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Freak on a Leash

leash dogs - 7019650304
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