Poorly Dressed


Blue! 42! MUTT!

dogs shoulder pads football - 7121532928
Created by Unknown

Barking for Fjords in the Old Country

dogs g rated pet poorly dressed shaving suspenders - 6100517632
Created by Unknown

Silly Dog, Duckface is for Teenage Girls

duckface dogs - 6680625408
Created by Unknown

Taking the Dog Out for a Nap

dogs nap passed out pink polyester spandex - 4892683264
Created by Unknown

Best Friends

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Do YOU Have a Special Sock?

socks dogs - 6741673472
Created by Unknown

Man's Best Friend Just Got a Makeover

cosplay daughter dogs - 7777499904
Created by Unknown

Your Dog Loves Star Wars as Much as You Do, Right?

costume dogs star wars poorly dressed - 8319328256
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Always Accessorize Your Dog

dogs sunglasses poorly dressed hat - 8295154944
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Why am I Dressed Like This?

animal costumes dogs gifs unicorn - 6552647936
Created by Unknown

Behold, the Puglet!

dogs pug poorly dressed singlet g rated - 8176204288
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Excuse Me Lamb, Have You Seen the Dog Anywhere?

dogs animal costumes sheep - 7348738560
Created by Unknown

Hair of the Dog

dogs hairdos shaved poorly dressed g rated - 7153247232
Created by Unknown

Ready For the First Day of (Obedience) School

dogs poorly dressed glasses cute hat - 8301909504
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These Aren't My Ears...

dogs hat Inception pet - 6511952384
Created by Unknown

Fall Fashions Are Nothing to Bark At

dogs fashion - 7836357632
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