Poorly Dressed


Cosplay Win: the A-Team

cosplay face mr t - 5450591488
Created by Heppi-Noise

Twee-Man, Underling of the Universe

cosplay costume he man - 5259968512

They Do Exist!

cosplay Bronies my little pony - 7135864064

Cosplay Win: Toy Soldiers

cosplay - 5540770816

Close Enough

costume TNG cosplay poorly dressed Star Trek g rated - 8258511360
Via dingle-kringle

Someday My Prince Will Come

cosplay disney cross dressers poorly dressed g rated - 7345382400

It's HIM!

awesome cartoons cosplay pink powerpuff girls weird - 4608589824

Thora the Explora

cosplay dora the explorer cross dressers poorly dressed g rated - 7184232448

Now Why Would They Boot You Out of the Convention With That Outfit?

cosplay lady bits revealing - 6095876352
Via Kotaku

Locked and Heavily Loaded

boots cosplay guns hair wtf - 4679722752

Cosplay WIN

costume cosplay poorly dressed win g rated - 8347426560
Via molotovsoup

I Don't Think Anyone Wears Those Like That

cosplay fat mirror sword weird wtf - 4622532096

I'd Like to Be Part of Her World

The Little Mermaid cosplay - 6683810304

Utility Belt Size XXXL

batman comic con cosplay costume fat - 5078144256
Created by maxystone

Hammered It!

Thor cosplay - 7383242496
cosplay Video - 23876609

Being Yourself by Dressing as Someone Else

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