Poorly Dressed


Hey Guys, Have You Heard of This Site FAIL Blog?

cosplay costume dressed to win Pokémon - 6441518848
By Unknown

World's Best Dad Award Goes To...

Aliens cosplay crying - 7685600000
By Unknown
cosplay London costume - 52379137

Some of These Things Are Not Like the Others

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bow cat cosplay facepaint furry lolita tiger - 5796475392
By Unknown

Nailed It!

cosplay Close Enough Spider-Man - 7111810048
By Unknown

Cosplay on a Horse: Horseplay

dragon cosplay horse poorly dressed g rated - 7732682752
By Unknown

Go Get Em Tiger

bear cosplay costume furry - 4659814400
By Unknown

Wonder Under Woman

cosplay costume halloween superheroes thong underwear wonder woman - 5778710272
By PaulaM

You're Never Too Old For Couple's Costumes

costume cosplay poorly dressed win - 8342871552
Via @MrsMalki

Here Comes the Crazy Parade

Bronies cosplay wtf - 6612922112
By Unknown

El Hombre Araña and His Trusty Mule

cosplay costume Spider-Man - 5134375680
Via fashionablygeek.com

Cosplay Win: Toy Soldiers

cosplay - 5540770816
By Unknown

Shoo Fly

cosplay - 6812492288
By Unknown

Cellllloooo Nurse

cosplay costume cross dressing nurse - 4663336960
By Unknown

Who Doesn't Love Duct Tape Ears?

chains cosplay duct tape furry - 4443099136
By Rarara_i_is_llama (Via www.dailyrevelry.com)

Rawr I'm a Rabbit WITH EARS ON MY BACK

cosplay dragon wings - 5244709888
By Unknown
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