Poorly Dressed


Dressed to Win: Boba Femm and R2-She2

cosplay costume r2d2 star wars - 4867648512
Created by Unknown

This Tardis Control Room Dress Really Lights Up a Room

cosplay fandom tardis doctor who - 7405319936
Via Fashionably Geek

Running Really Fast Is Hard Work

cosplay costume superheroes - 5027838208
Created by Unknown

World's Best Dad Award Goes To...

Aliens cosplay crying - 7685600000
Created by Unknown

Disney Pixar's 'Bananerine'

cosplay FAIL banana wolverine - 7675727872
Created by beernbiccies

What Exactly Is She Initiating People Into?

convention cosplay japanese - 5902583552
Created by ricky_cheezburger

Tonight I Dine on Turtle Soup!

cosplay TMNT - 6978061312
Created by Unknown

Wonder WHOA MAN!

cosplay hair wig wonder woman wtf - 4398734336
Via www.democraticunderground.com

I Am Dressed Like American!

woody cosplay toy story - 6991130624
Created by Unknown

Dirk and Daphne from ‘Dragon’s Lair’

cosplay - 6632253440
Via Fashionably Geek

Something Something Time-Wimey Something Something

cosplay doctor who nerdgasm tardis - 6124902656
Via Neatorama


cosplay halloween costumes - 6686936832
Created by Unknown

Superman Should Have Known Never to Tangle With Catman

ATM cosplay costume superman - 4900319744
Created by Unknown

El Hombre Araña and His Trusty Mule

cosplay costume Spider-Man - 5134375680
Via fashionablygeek.com

Hold On to Yo Butts

cosplay jurassic park raptors - 6997069824
Created by Unknown

What Time is it? Low Budget Cosplay Time!

cosplay adventure time poorly dressed g rated - 7386895104
Created by Unknown

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