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Truthful Tweets About Parenting

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If Your Dad Sends You a Video Like This About What He Found in Your Sock Drawer, Count Yourself Lucky

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Funny tweets with unexpected endings and plot twists | Paul Follow @FrenulumBreve licking lips anticipation nervous never done bungee jump before. INSTRUCTOR: don't lick my lips again.

20+ Tweets Featuring Amusing Plot Twists

Twitter's a wild and crazy place.
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Breaking Grandma's Ankles in a Driveway Pickup Game is Probably How You Cross Yourself Out of Her Will

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Post It Twice

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Tweets that prove kids can be ruthless, insult-slinging savages.

14 Tweets That Prove Kids Can Be Ruthless, Insult-Spewing Savages

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Son Secretly Replaced Photos in the House With Steve Buscemi and Mom Has Yet to Notice

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Princess Hot Dog Is My Hero

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Judging These Two Toy Train Tracks is Tricky

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Dammit, Grandpa

dammit grandpa
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"Hold on Mom, I'm Coming"

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This Mom With Six Kids Is One Of Our Favorite New Funny Twitter Personalities

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These 28 Adulthood Tweets Are Painfully Relatable

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But Are You Willing To Take Your Own Advice?

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The Correct Response to a Baby Shower Invite

The Correct Response to a Baby Shower Invite
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presidential nominee tim kaine

Twitter Thinks Vice President Nominee, Tim Kaine, Might Be Everyone's Adorkable Dad

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