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Good Samaritans of Twitter Band Together and Answer Dad's Desperate Plea to Help His Autistic Son

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Funny savage tweets about shit kids say.

24 Times Kids Were Unintentionally Savage

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Collection of funny tweets about the struggles of parenting through dad's perspective.

This Funny Dad's Tweets About Raising Kids Almost Makes Parenting Seem Like a Good Time!

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Legendary Football Player Deion Sanders Lays Into His Son When He Tries to Act Hard

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funniest parenting tweets of the week - thumbnail | Text - Lauren Flans @LaurenFlans the orphan i adopted sucks at chess fml 8:07 AM Nov 13, 2020 · Twitter for Android 20.7K Retweets 2.1K Quote Tweets 293.5K Likes >

Funniest Parenting Tweets Of The Week (November 15, 2020)

The funny parents of Twitter
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Mom Getting Caught Taking Selfie With Deer In the Headlights Moment, Is All Of Us When Our Vanity's Exposed

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That Should Cover It

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Passive Aggressive Grandma Knows What's Up With Her Hose

funny parenting tweet grandma lease passive aggressive note to kids cutting her hose for bongs
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Mom Gets Roasted From Son on Anesthesia and Is Having None of It

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Son Secretly Replaced Photos in the House With Steve Buscemi and Mom Has Yet to Notice

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This Mom With Six Kids Is One Of Our Favorite New Funny Twitter Personalities

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Girl Documents Her Little Brother Running Away from Home After His Mom Deleted His Pokémon GO!

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A Family That Studies Together, Stays Together

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dogs twitter driving parenting mom - 229895

Dog Got Your Back

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Pray For Billy

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Funny tweets about homeschooling while being quarantined | Lurkin' Mom @LurkAtHomeMom Quarantine Day One: This could be fun always wondered would be like homeschool! Quarantine Day One [at breakfast SO HELP GOD, MOVE FOOT AWAY BROTHER'S CEREAL BOWL OR WILL FIND SCHOOL THIS COUNTRY IS OPEN AND DRIVE US THERE TODAY 2:11 pm 16 Mar 2020 Twitter iPhone 68 Retweets 381 Likes

Roundup Of Tweets About Quarantine Homeschooling From Tired Parents

Parents, you got this.
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