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They Know Exactly What They're Doing

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Well Played, Dad

Text - jungwildeandfree; this is med is appearing: I stubbed my toe and naturally I screamed "mOTHERF his head out of the livingroom and said "you rang?" ER" and then my dad poked hats off for the ultimate dad joke
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You Never Forget a Good Dad Joke

People - ELL Dad comes home from work, my brother and I are playing the NES in our bedroom. He pops his head in, "Hello boys. Just playing your Seven-Eight-Don't?" We look at him, confused. He squints at the console. "Oops, my mistake-- that's a Nine-Ten-Do!" Such an awful Dad joke, but we cracked up at the time. We were in tears. 20 years later and we still reference it, while Dad can't believe we even remember it.
funniest dad tweets of the week | thumbnail Text - Richard Dean @dad_on_my_feet 50% of parenting a toddler is deciding if the object they're about to break is worth getting up off the couch 7:41 PM Oct 27, 2020 · Twitter Web App 163 Retweets 15 Quote Tweets 969 Likes >

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Who Gave All Our Dads A Phone?

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funniest dad tweets of the week | Thumbnail Text - WTFDAD @daddydoubts I just sneezed and my kid shouted from his bedroom "bless you dad!" which is adorable. You know what else is adorable? GOING THE FUCK TO SLEEP 4:03 AM Nov 19, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 147 Retweets 17 Quote Tweets 1.7K Likes >

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funny puns, clever dad jokes and memes | tawdry hepburn [dumb bitch hour eraserheadbabby my friend gave birth her car on way hospital and her husband named kid Carson and if don't think 's best dad joke ever get out my face | Planes were invented 1903 Trains were invented 1804 Babies before 1804 :

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No Dad, You're Not Listening!

Text - CLASSIC DAD JOKES uhat? "higher ? let me off! Fig. A The deliberate misunderstanding

Proof That Single-Mom's Can Do it All

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Wow, Dad...

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You'll Use That One With Your Kids Someday

Face - DAD JOKES4 Swatercolour ATM S dad, what are you doing? just checking my balance! joke u/utroac illustrations eswatercolour
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Funny memes about dads, parenting | My kid: Dad trans So makes My kid: Dad, no transparent | *grass grows 0.17 inches* Dads at 7 .m.:

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funniest dad tweets of the week - Text - Simon Holland @simoncholland Why would I pay for a haunted house when I can wake up to my kid silently standing by my bed at 5 AM.

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A Dad Joke Gone Wrong

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A Different Kind of Dad Joke

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