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dreadful dad joke puns that are not worth reading unless you miss your old man

17 Dreadful Dad Jokes That Are The Worst While Being The Best At The Same Time

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Dad Jokes Are A Dog's Best Friend

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Thanks Dad, Now I Can't Un-Hear That

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Thanks, Dad...

dad dad jokes mom parenting g rated - 8432553984
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The Student Has Become the Master

dad jokes parenting dad - 8249815296
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Even Darth Vader Tells Dad Jokes

star wars dad jokes luke skywalker parenting darth vader - 8402496768
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The Lighter Side of the Dark Side

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twitter dad joke puns that will lovingly make you roll your eyes into the back of your head

19 Super Dad-Joke-Filled Tweets From "MarchDadness" That You Cant Help But To Laugh At

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Only Time It's Okay to Talk During a Movie

guardians of the galaxy dad jokes puns parenting dad g rated - 8319334144
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It's Pretty Short

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Dad Jokes: Now Available on Facebook

Text - almost finished my first model kit! its only taken 6 or so years 14 minutes ago Like Comment like this. and Dad Well the box recommends 6-12 years doesn't it? You're doing great 13 minutes ago Like 1 person
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Can't You Just Ask Me Like a Normal Person?

Text - O 7% oo vodafone UK 01:11 Notes 5 January 2014 01:11 Dad: what comes after S in the alphabet? Ме: Т?? Dad: milk and two sugars thanks I fall for this way too often.

When Dad Jokes Go Too Far

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FAIL dad jokes wedding prank Video - 82765569

Watch Britain's Cruelest Father of the Bride Pull off the Perfect Wedding Prank

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Infuriatingly bad puns that are just dad jokes

15 Dad Joke Tweets To Make You Laugh And Facepalm In Unison

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horrible pun dad jokes that still make us laugh for some reason

15 Hilarious Dad Jokes That Cracked Us Up This Week

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