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Proof That The Same Bribe Will Stop a Little Girl From Crying is an Older One Too

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OK, Mom, Your Turn!

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Does it Ever Stop?

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Only Adele's Hello Can Put This Crying Toddler's Woes Into Perspective

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I'm Holding Her..Now What?

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Who Knew Singing the ABCs Could Be so Triggering?

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Don't Bring the Baby Into This Conflict

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Be Prepared for More Tears, Child, The Vikings Aren't Going Anywhere Anytime Soon.

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As Good as It's Gonna Get

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I'm Gonna Be SOOO Youtube Famous

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When I Cry, You Cry. We Cry Together

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A Little Mommy Magic Will Fix You Right Up!

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Almost as Scary as Santa. Almost.

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It's No Use Crying Over Split Bagels

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Dad Documents All the Reasons Why His Son is Crying

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Take Your Mitts Off My Baby!

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