The Feeling Seems to Be Mutual

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costume crying dad prank scare scary Video - 28088833

Like Your Kid Needed to Sleep Anyway

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Parenting With Peppers

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Funny dank memes about babies on airplanes

Fourteen Annoying Memes About Babies On Airplanes

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Sad teddy bear parenting Grandpa Video holidays crying - 179462

Watch These Little Girls Be Brought to Tears When They Find out Their Teddy Bears Have Recordings of Their Late Grandfather's Voice

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And Nothing Was Ever the Same after that Vanity Pic

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Awake! Ye Foul Mother!

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Sad kids parenting football Video crying g rated - 68086785

This is Probably the Saddest This Six-Year-Old Packers Fan Has Ever Been

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The Lesson: You Were Not Graceful

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I'm Holding Her..Now What?

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Nothing Calms Children Like Fat Stacks of Cash

kids don't just want a dollar
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That Grip Tape isn't Going to Come off Easy

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If Only it Were that Easy...

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This is Why We Keep the Cat Around

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Baby Thoughts

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Make Sure it Gets Plenty of Sunshine Too!

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