Where Were You?!

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When You're Worried Your Crying Son Gonna Get You Destroyed on Social Media

50 cent worried son crying ruin him on instagram
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Command W

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Parenting, Summed Up in One Photo

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candy crying halloween jimmy kimmel Parenting Fail prank rage Video - 28517121

Dream-Crush: Successful

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parenting Video crying politics - 78109441

No Wonder Hillary Clinton Lost the New Hampshire Primary, Her Voter Base is Too Young to Vote For Her

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It's for Your Own Good, You Little Stinker

kid cries over dog poop
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baby parenting Memes Video crying - 84065025

This Baby Feels Exactly As We All Do About the Duck Army Now

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Make Sure it Gets Plenty of Sunshine Too!

baby costume crying Flower Parenting Fail water watering can - 5444063744
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Sad teddy bear parenting Grandpa Video holidays crying - 179462

Watch These Little Girls Be Brought to Tears When They Find out Their Teddy Bears Have Recordings of Their Late Grandfather's Voice

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As Good as It's Gonna Get

santa claus crying - 6854884352
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When I Cry, You Cry. We Cry Together

Babies parenting crying - 8813088000
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Nothing Calms Children Like Fat Stacks of Cash

kids don't just want a dollar
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How Long Does This Stage Last?

dogs baby expression parenting crying - 8221651968
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crying football sports toddler Video - 29387265

Be Prepared for More Tears, Child, The Vikings Aren't Going Anywhere Anytime Soon.

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Can You Imagine the Nightmares?

Babies kids parenting crying - 8801379072
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