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These Parents Feed on the Tears of Their Young

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I Can't Find My Mommy

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I accept your generous proposal.

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Make Sure it Gets Plenty of Sunshine Too!

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Only Adele's Hello Can Put This Crying Toddler's Woes Into Perspective

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From Bad to Worse

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Can You Imagine the Nightmares?

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Parenting FAILs Gif-Party!

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Do Not Test Santa's Word

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It's No Use Crying Over Split Bagels

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Biggie: Way Cooler than "Rock a-by Baby"

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Sad kids parenting football Video crying g rated - 68086785

This is Probably the Saddest This Six-Year-Old Packers Fan Has Ever Been

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I Don't Want to Be Batman!

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You Watch One Documentary with Your Kid on Skin Cancer

sunscreen kid crying parenting skin cancer
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Death By Cleavage: A Boy's Nightmare (Fantasy?)

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Funny dank memes about babies on airplanes

Fourteen Annoying Memes About Babies On Airplanes

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