I accept your generous proposal.

crying - 5817093632
By Unknown

Nothing Calms Children Like Fat Stacks of Cash

kids don't just want a dollar
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Can You Imagine the Nightmares?

Babies kids parenting crying - 8801379072
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It's for Your Own Good, You Little Stinker

kid cries over dog poop
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Awake! Ye Foul Mother!

baby crying naptime - 6516463104
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We're Bonding

baby expression family photo parenting crying - 8205072384
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Make Sure it Gets Plenty of Sunshine Too!

baby costume crying Flower Parenting Fail water watering can - 5444063744
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If Only it Were that Easy...

baby crying Parenting Fail photoshop quiet shut up - 5255153664
By Unknown

What Did I Do?

stormtrooper kids parenting crying g rated - 8307800064
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Death By Cleavage: A Boy's Nightmare (Fantasy?)

cleavage crying lady bits Parenting Fail - 5646824192
By Unknown

Not-So-Happy Birthday

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Parenting FAILs Gif-Party!

accident animated baby crying dance eating food gifs Parenting Fail toddler wait what - 5531837440
By Unknown
parenting Video crying politics - 78109441

No Wonder Hillary Clinton Lost the New Hampshire Primary, Her Voter Base is Too Young to Vote For Her

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Just Sit Back and Have a Glass of Wine

baby parenting Travel crying airplane - 8393907968
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Your Words Mean Nothing

kids cries about going nowhere
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cookies crying Video - 39617281

I'm Gonna Be SOOO Youtube Famous

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