Make Sure Your Kids Believe Strongly Enough That Elf on a Shelf is Real, and to Call 911 if They Mess One Up

christmas news little girl touches elf on a shelf and fears she ruined christmas so she calls 911
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Something Tells Me Santa Won't Come Through

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Dad Really Went the Extra Mile This Year

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Your Kid Had a One-Line Solo, Sit Down Already

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This Kid Isn't Impressed With Your Christmas Ornament

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Even Santa Needs a Little Help Sometimes, Kids

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Dad - 1. Sassback - 0

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Fun Guy of the Day: Pastor Gets Into Christmas Spirit By Telling Kids Santa Isn’t Real

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I'll Just Be in Any Other Aisle Possible, Dad...

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At Least They Don't Expect Santa to Deliver

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Blue Christmas

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Kid Snippets: "Catching Santa" (Kids Tell, Adults Act)

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Working on The True Christmas Spirit

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Gee, Santa, I Thought You Were Metal!

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A 21st Century Christmas

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A Different Kind of "Santa Baby"

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