He's Real!

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Literal Parents are the Worst

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Maybe We Should Rethink the Time-Honored Santa Photo Tradition

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Very Funny, Dad

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How Some Kids React to Christmas Decorations

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You Can't Just Toss Around Sibling Nicknames Around Mom

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Some Kids Are Scared of Santa...

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Never Thought of It That Way Before

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The "Elf on the Shelf" Game Turns Morbid...

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Don't Worry, Kids, it Still Looks Delicious

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Those Golden Years

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Sometimes Santa is a More Effective Disciplinarian

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The Holiday Season Really Brings Families Together

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Santa Loves Chips!

Text - Dear Santa, would like to sel SOMe chips. Vou lor chips! Im being very g0od. Goad afternoon just want chps. 1 Lour,
By Chris
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100 Years of Christmas Toys is Full of Stuff I'd Still Love to Get Under My Tree

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It Wasn't Me!

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