The Force is Strong With This Family's Christmas Card

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There are a Lot Fewer Surprises in Life Once You Learn How to Read

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The Heartwarming Decision Made By These Children Will Remind You What the Holiday Season is Really About

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This Christmas One Family is Going For a Real Elf on a Shelf (and it's a Perfect Mix of Genius and Creepy)

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Do Not Test Santa's Word

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And to Go With the Drums?

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Rosie is the Clear Favorite

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Time to Erase Another Name From the Board...

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urabi91's Mom Won't Be Able to Find that In Stock ANYWHERE By Now

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Does She Like it or Not?

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Sometimes Santa is a More Effective Disciplinarian

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Elf on a Shelf Didn't Stand a Chance Against These Creatively-Dark Dads

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This Little Boy Asked Santa Not For Any Toys this Year, Just Another Simple Request

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He's Not Sold on This "Santa" Fellow...

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I Guess This Won't Be Next Year's Card...

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Merry Christmas, One Through Three!

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