A New Talk for a New Age

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LOZOOT's Dad Made Biology Homework Way Creepier

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Somebody Just Asked an Intriguing Question Off-Camera

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PokemonTrainer12's Dad Lays Down the Long Arm of the Mushroom Kingdom Law

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But Hey, That's Their Job

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Revenge for Peekaboo

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Kat's Dad Just Needs Probable Cause

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Before It's Too Late

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Laugh Through the Tears, Little Guy

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Anti-Crowd Following Dad Saves Kid

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Family Resemblance

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Few Things are Worth Stopping For

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Dad Joke Litigation

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Leax636 is Breaking Mirrors Accordingly

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When Your Daughter is Nuts About Being a Marvel Superhero, You Make Her the Best Squirrel Girl Costume Ever

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Father-Daughter Break It Down To "Can't Stop The Feeling" By Justin Timberlake

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