(Not Going To) Drop the Bass (Clarinet)

band comic rage comic saxophone - 5891791872
By evilweasel24 (Via Deviant Art)

Julian Lennon Wins Round 2

Music john lennon comic funny justin bieber - 6923781120
By LittleWalken

I Wanted to Be an Accountant, But Bills Don't Pay Themsleves

comic dreams - 6544939520
By Unknown

Did You Ever Feel Like a Plastic Plebian?

comic katy perry mainstream pop rage comic - 6188915712
By Unknown

Help I'm Drowning in Polo

comic today i will listen to x vampire weekend - 6087709952
By Unknown

Guilty Pleasures

comic metal pop - 6180418560
By Unknown

That's No Moon

comic Dark Side of the Moon pink floyd star wars - 6091003392
Via Brevity

Party in My Head

comic Party rage comic today i will listen to x - 6516732672
By Unknown

Concerts vs. Shows

concerts comic chuck & beans - 6826883840
Via Shoebox Blog

Maybe I Should Switch to Tuba

college comic guitars - 6579926016
By chromeknifeparty


concert old timey comic - 6795395328
Via Tragedy Series

So Metal You'll Kill Dragons

comic dio dragons today i will listen to x - 6378977024
By Estimated Prophet

Everything Went Banana Than Expected

banana comic guitar rock - 6177712640
Via Buttersafe

Birth of an Artist

comic dubstep poop skrillex - 6177711616
By Unknown

Around the World A-Round the WOOOrld

comic - 6680709632
Via ~satanen

Bitter Squeak Symphony

cello comic fast food food McDonald's orchestra rage comic - 6443022592
By Unknown
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