Concerts vs. Shows

concerts comic chuck & beans - 6826883840
Via Shoebox Blog

What Everyone Wants to Do to Skrillex

comic dubstep hair skrillex - 6217597440
By Unknown

Only The Dead May Know Peace From This Incompetence

comic iTunes parenting - 6430758400
Via For Lack of a Better Comic

Goooood Morning Vietnaaaaaam

comic creedence clearwater revi today i will listen to x - 6335709696
By Unknown

Red, Gold, and Green

pun comic - 6791631104

Climbing Trees Is Not Wu-Tang's Forte

cat Cats comic wu tang Wu-Tang Clan - 6226909184
Via Wolfpupy

The State of the Music Industry

comic music industry piracy - 6472485632
By jackjohn

Call Me Pls

call me maybe carly rae jepsen comic dolan pop uncle dolan - 6192425216
By Unknown

Pokémemes: Oppan Gengar Style

Battle comic gangnam style psy - 6589278208
By justinmelgarejo (Via Anubis-007)

Your Favorite Band Sucks

comic today i will listen to x - 6462428160
By Unknown

Bieber Hater Logic

gay comic justin bieber - 6937920768
By Unknown

That's No Moon

comic Dark Side of the Moon pink floyd star wars - 6091003392
Via Brevity

Bands Shirts Are Strictly for the Fans

beatles comic rage comic the Beatles - 6148539648
By Aliciaville

What If We Are All Hipsters?

comic hipster rage comic - 5849308416
By Unknown

From Captain Ahab to Captain Still Mad

comic flirting Mastodon metal - 6004193792
By Unknown

Wait a Minute, I Almost Recognized a Letter in That Logo

band logos comic heavy metal - 6816157440
By Unknown
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