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guy leaves funny review for massage parlor

Dude's Colorful Review For Massage Parlor Is a Modern Day Epic

Seems like an effective massage.
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Passing Out in the Sun FAIL

burn ouch sunscreen wtf - 6039476224
Created by Vitriolic
Passive aggressive notes between neighbors

Passive Aggressive Notes from Angry Neighbors

Okay some are just regular aggressive.
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A confused choosing beggar doesn't understand how hourly pay works | 7:08 PM Qi 60% Home (1) Hi heard did advertising designs, would be able design poster advertising nightclub? Sure can do usually charge €25 an hour and would probably take 2-3 hours make, is ok can now call each other and see information such as Active Status and read messages.

Confused Choosing Beggar Doesn't Understand Hourly Pay

Hopefully this choosing beggar was faking it.
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Random Advice FAIL

advice coupon random wtf - 5682754048
Created by Anon
dumb ways people got scars

Dumb Ways People Ended Up With A Scar

It happens to the best of us.
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Arizona Parking FAIL

arizona cars parking thats-racist wtf - 5658828288
Created by dante2810

Probably Bad News: Not His Best Friend!

Probably bad News wtf - 5711143424
Via Arbroath
An entitled teen wants to steal a tattoo artist's design, doesn't understand their frustration. | going get tattoo. 1h Reply Hide replies sel tattoo rights and linework on my Etsy buy and can get clean like work file give tattooer! 1h Reply

Entitled Teen Wants To Steal Tattoo Artist's Design, Doesn't Understand Their Anger

The ignorance is strong with this one.
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Probably Bad News: Almost as Bad as The Other Kind of Clubbin'

Probably bad News Sad wtf - 5720656640
Via Daily Mail
patient lists mistress as emergency contact | Posted by u/eatapeach18 3 days ago called d my patient's mistress, but just doing told oc L This happened back 2009 working part time at doctor's office while nursing school one receptionists and did all filing and cataloguing and such boring work, but doctor (my boss) guaranteed job after nursing school so 's why did This particular doctor an orthopedic surgeon had lots patients coming MRIS, CT scans, and X-rays. This one particular patient, Frank

Patient Lists Their Mistress as Emergency Contact, Gets Exposed

It's a strange decision for sure.
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wtf crotch wrestling Video penis - 78657281

If You Didn't Think Wrestling Was Homoerotic Already, Watch 11 Wrestlers Do a Synchronized Crotch-Flip

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cars crash Video wtf - 36041729

I Think I Can Fit FAIL

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cars Video wtf - 36571649

Using Your Spare FAIL

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cars crash fail nation Hall of Fame Video wtf YT video - 35978241

Messing With an SUV FAIL

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First My Socks, Now My Dinner FAIL

cars fail nation g rated Professional At Work weird wtf - 5504832512
Created by Unknown