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Hidden Location FAIL

innuendo store name wtf - 6010055680
Created by Sara K.

Free Parking FAIL

cars driving parking wtf - 5645782272
Created by Ale

Probably Bad News: It Tasted Like Death

fail nation g rated oh England Probably bad News wtf - 6091334912
Created by G-Unit1111 ( Via ABC News )
the longest thirty seconds activities | ExtraMediumGonzo 57.9k points 6 days ago 12 18 41 More moments after sending risky text and see So-and-so is typing but keeps starting and stopping. Reminds tweet went something like ever send text 's so risky clean entire house?"

Things That Seem to Take Ages

Doing a plank is the worst.
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cars fail nation Hall of Fame Video wtf YT video - 36128513

FAIL Nation: Overreaction to Honking FAIL

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These Bizarre Action Figures Are the Most Strangely Enjoyable Things You'll Lay Eyes on Today

Via philkizer

I Don't Even Want to Know What it Sayd FAIL

human centipede innuendo wtf - 5787431680
Created by sercho

Using The Rear Entrance FAIL

cars crash parking wtf - 5523645696
Created by Chris Selvo

Non-Contradictory Directions FAIL

contradiction irony product fail wtf - 5789572352
Created by dubeats

ATM Diagnosis FAIL

ATM technology wtf - 5645121280
Created by wizard1103

Hat Trick FAIL

hockey sports wtf - 5653662208
Via @geeyee17

Probably Bad News: That's Just Cray(fish)

Probably bad News stupid criminals wtf - 5832703488
Created by Unknown

Dollar Madness FAIL

math is hard signs wtf - 5938467072
Created by TuckerBentley

That's Not How Horses Work FAIL

fail nation french weird wtf - 5682743296
Created by lilshini

At Least Their Prices Are Low FAIL

Professional At Work restaurant thats-racist wtf - 5690375936
Created by FullyTorque
chaos, mistakes, messes and failures

Misfortune Monday: Chaos is Unavoidable

It's all around us.
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