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Funny text message story about a scammer who requests money via Apple Pay | Hello is neighbor with some car trouble can assist My neighbor am experiencing car trouble and left my wallet mistakingly at home Is this Jeff? Yes Oh should've said so can just grab wallet and bring am far away bring could send Apple Pay and will pay back shortly

Dude's 'Neighbor' Asks For Money, Proving Scammers Keep Getting More Creative

They just keep getting better!
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fashion wtf FAIL nostalgia weird - 1126661

The Early 2000s Should Feel Bad for Providing This Terrible Fashion Advice

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rare moments that go against the odds | My cat went missing 2 days, so put an advert on Facebook. Literally 5 mins after my cat comes door. 30 mins later, my neighbour comes and drops off he thought my cat. Now have two identical cats. | pole going through a car window and barely missing the driver

Rare And Well-Timed Moments That Went Against The Odds

Roll those dice.
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news wtf gross funny Video fail nation - 55385089

This Reporter Thinks He's Eating Grape Nuts off the Floor, but It's So Much Worse than That

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The Dummies Are Getting Frisky Again

wtf accidental sexy Things That Are Doing It - 6973074432
Via Sofa Pizza
really bad business practices

The Worst Business Practices People Have Seen

What a bold strategy.
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spiders wtf Kill It With Fire oh god why Video fail nation - 47403521

Having a Bad Day? At Least It's Not RAINING SPIDERS ON YOU

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Treating Animals as Equals FAIL

animals promotion racism signs thats-racist wtf - 5438829824
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Targeted Advertising FAIL

drugs meth Professional At Work wtf - 5472976896
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Funny dumb facepalm moments | And on bus on bus and this guy is so fine but he has an iPhone 6

Facepalm Moments of Mystifying Dumbness

Self-awareness isn't everyone's strong suit.
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costume wtf FAIL list halloween - 1069061

Check out These "Great" Costume Ideas for Halloween

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guy tries to make deal for future son on facebook | 36 And Running Out Time Here On This Earth And Won't Settle Until Job Is Done And Plus Want Be An Amazing Father Again

Dude's Contract To Carry On Bloodline Is a Lot

Oh boy.
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Gross People Who Will Make You Cringe Hard

15 Gross People Who Will Make You Cringe Hard

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story of plumber who got stiffed so he grouted their bathroom with sugar

Couple Stiffs Plumber Dad So He Grouts Their Bathroom With Sugar

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Walmart employees describe the strangest things they've witnessed while on the job | gigashadow89 6y My favorite guy who came and said lost remote so need new tv asked him if tv broken wasn't, he just lost remote and didn't want bother finding so he wanted new tv showed him our selection universal remotes he responded with "but then l'd have program new tv comes with preprogrammed remote So sold guy 50 inch tv.

Weirdest Things Walmart Employees Witnessed

Walmart is a magnet for the strange.
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Poster Positioning FAIL

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