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Italy fight what bewbs Video fail nation - 49731073

Meanwhile, in Italy...

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"So, We Meet Again"

what toilet funny - 7777313792
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bros politics what Video - 56727041

These US Senators Are Living Like College Bros in a Frat House. Seriously.

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Anatomy FAIL

engrish what - 6845487616
Created by rlovecraft

Behind Every Picture of a Turkey in a Cop Car, There's a Great Story

cops cop car what Turkey fail nation g rated - 8020981760
Created by Unknown

Kanye West Attempts to Sell a Plain White T-Shirt for $120 and the World Laughs at Him

fashion what kanye west shirt funny - 7670556160

It's Like Five Guys but With Four Guys Who Are Three Brothers

menu what restaurant - 8377195776
Via Joanne Casey

The Parking Sign at a California School is Determined to Reach the Heavens

sign confusing what parking fail nation g rated - 8299004672
Via Boing Boing

Just in Case Your Dinner is Extra Spicy

Via Ooh_Is_that_beer
Music twerking what miley cyrus Video - 54584065

"Miley Cyrus Spanked a Twerking Little Person on German TV" is Now a Sentence That Accurately Depicts Real Events

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Ever Been so Drunk Your Mom Stole a Car?

cars what sign fail nation - 8196294912
Via NY Mag

Good Question FAIL

clean lady bits what weird - 6676094464
Via Reddit

The Ice Cream That Makes You Want to Eat More Ice Cream

drugs what ice cream funny weird - 7721589248
Created by Snake_AfterDark

The Citrus-Class Discover Card

ATM what weird fruit - 8350111488
Via Brown Cardigan
news what Probably bad News bridge weird Video fail nation g rated - 66874881

Anyone Seen a Stolen Bridge Lying Around Anywhere?

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Does That Come Extra?

sign for sale what funny - 7622394880
Created by Richard M