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Desperate for Chicken FAIL

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Funny reddit thread about girlfriend poop on socks, using socks to wipe | r/relationship_advice posted by whattodobedroom think my girlfriend (26) has been using my gym socks wipe after going bathroom. Throwaway, because reasons. TL;DR: Found my gym socks garbage covered poop. Asked girlfriend about She started yelling at and crying and left

Distressed Dude Asks Reddit For Help With A Very Crappy Relationship Issue

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workout Wait For It weird Video - 50539521

Can You Spot the Hidden FAIL in This Workout Video?

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A Florida Woman (of Course) Spent $20,000 to Surgically Implant a Third Breast. In Other Words, Get Your Ass to Mars.

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objects that look like they have faces or look like other stuff | statue of a furnace that looks like a face with a burning mouth | rock covered in moss in the shape of a dog

Inanimate Objects that Look Like Other Stuff

There's personality everywhere!
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Redundancy FAIL

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You Thought What Was on the INSIDE of Hot Dogs Was Weird

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Whatcha Doing Up There, Buddy?

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fun facts about psychology that explain so much about human behavior

Psychology Facts That Basically Explain Why We Are They Way We Are

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Collection of dark-humored weird pictures that'll make you wonder what is wrong with people.

10 Pictures That'll Make You Wonder Where It All Went Wrong With the Internet

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20 photos of cats looking at weird things for no apparent reason or explanation

21 Weird Things Cats Are Looking At

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He's Become More Powerful Than We Could Imagine

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The High Priest of the Cult of Hot Dog

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the longest thirty seconds activities | ExtraMediumGonzo 57.9k points 6 days ago 12 18 41 More moments after sending risky text and see So-and-so is typing but keeps starting and stopping. Reminds tweet went something like ever send text 's so risky clean entire house?"

Things That Seem to Take Ages

Doing a plank is the worst.
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Probably Bad News: A Headline For the Ages

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By Unknown

As it Turns Out, Turtles Are Difficult to Sneak by Security

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