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Only in Russia...

only in russia weird wat - 6915950592
Collection of dark-humored weird pictures that'll make you wonder what is wrong with people.

10 Pictures That'll Make You Wonder Where It All Went Wrong With the Internet

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Probably Bad News: A Headline For the Ages

best of week Hall of Fame headline Probably bad News weird what - 6565729792

You Thought What Was on the INSIDE of Hot Dogs Was Weird

hot dog sign weird - 8371437824
Via I Heart Chaos
images that make you wonder if we are indeed living in a matrix simulation, and it has minor glitches

17 Glitches In The Matrix Caught On Camera To Make You Have A Braingasm

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Quick and to the Point

sign kfc funny weird - 7610591744

If That's What Your Hands Look Like, You Have Bigger Problems Than Keyboard Maintenance

what weird warning fail nation g rated - 8327469312
Via ISitOnAThroneOfLies
news what funny weird Video - 51977985

Why is This Guy Playing Air Guitar on the News?

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Music portland what weird Video - 70995969

Someone Took the Phrase "Keep Portland Weird" as a Personal Challenge

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food beings eaten the wrong way | bite taken out the side of an unpeeled banana | cutting pieces from the center of a pizza with a fork and knife

Foods Being Eaten Improperly

Put the banana down.
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The Red Eye Filter Went a Little Nuts Here

what glitches weird - 8405423616
Via Acid Cow
facepalm what funny weird Video - 51675905

On the Bright Side, You Weren't Trapped in a Billboard for Two Hours Today

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news what Probably bad News bridge weird Video fail nation g rated - 66874881

Anyone Seen a Stolen Bridge Lying Around Anywhere?

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The Citrus-Class Discover Card

ATM what weird fruit - 8350111488
Via Brown Cardigan

Normally it's the Passengers That Stop for a Drink During a Layover...

what weird airplane - 8368628224
Via Metro

Take That, Nature!

guns fishing weird - 8070815744
Via Sofa Pizza

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