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Punctuation Optional

hotel what punctuation weird - 6981624832
Created by KKxKaleidoscope ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )
girly memes that are right on the money, which you also don't have

19 Girly Memes That Were Just So Spot On

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Redundancy FAIL

sign bathroom weird - 7323420416
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Get Cheesed Upon, Son!

cheese gifs prank weird - 8385568512
Via Brown Cardigan
social justice kitty calendar for 2019 social justice

Let Us Introduce You To The Quirky 2019 Social Justice Kittens Calendar

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ATM weird - 6760671232
Created by Unknown
stories of the paranormal that just can't be explained otherwise

21 People Share The Creepiest And Most Paranormal Things To Happen To Them

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A Florida Woman (of Course) Spent $20,000 to Surgically Implant a Third Breast. In Other Words, Get Your Ass to Mars.

what weird - 8325829632
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Hidden Treasure FAIL

best of week Hall of Fame news weird what - 6602673664
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what funny weird Video fail nation - 52203009

What did I Just Watch?

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wtf gross oh god why weird airplane flying - 315909

"Passenger Shaming" Shows Us That Airline Travel Really Brings Out the Worst in All of Us

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perfect summer memes that will not cool you off in this heat, but might help you forget about the humidity

The Perfect Summer Memes To End The Summer With

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monday blues forgotten with Tumblr cringe and insight

27 Thought-Stirring Tumblr Moments To Make You Forget About Those Monday Blues

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facepalm what funny weird Video - 51675905

On the Bright Side, You Weren't Trapped in a Billboard for Two Hours Today

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Cabbie FAIL

creepy cab weird - 6938276352
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unlikely and weird stories | visions1013 14 hours ago saw bird unscrew lightbulb once.

People's "No One is Gonna Believe This" Moments

Well alright then.
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