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Better to Get Drilled in the Buns Than the Peanuts

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This is Why You Don't Attempt Drunken Golf Trick Shots

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You Have to Get Up Bright and Early for These Fishing FAILs

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It Was Counted as a Ball, but This is Still the Weirdest Pitch in Baseball

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Not What We Meant by "Owning the Court"

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Hop, Skip, Dunk, and a Flop

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I'll Just be Taking This, Thanks

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Last in Line, But He Got the Closest View

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Another Reminder to Never Celebrate a Win too Early

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Some Mondays Just Start Like This

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Thirsty for Gatorade FAIL

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I Got it!

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Sports FAILure: This Has Never Happened To Me Before, I Swear

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Some People Have Faith in Their NCAA Teams. Others Have Faith AND Want to Carve That Into Their Skin.

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Sports FAILure: Something Is Horribly Wrong With Michael Strahan's Fingers

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Fail of the Day: Hockey Player Thinks Nelson Mandela was a Famous Athlete

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