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Who's Ready to Raise the Roof as Awkwardly as Possible?

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Some People Cheer at Sports Games, and Some Fans Open Their Maws and Summon the Demons from Hell

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Nothing Will Inspire Fear into Your Opponents Like a Possum Mascot

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Who Will Win The Super Bawl?

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This is Worse Than Any Free Throw You Can Imagine in Pro Basketball

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Sports & Marriage

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Can Love Bloom, Even on the Battlefield?

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Drake Was the Face of Every Kentucky Wildcats Fan Last Night

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Hockey Isn't a Violent Sport, Sometimes it's Just Goofy

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Need to Spice Up Your Cardio Routine? Add This KO Move

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Try Explaining Those Helmet Marks to Your Friends

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What Goes Up...

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This Just In: He Needs New Underwear

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The Yankees' Brett Gardner Eats it as He Slides for Second Base

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The Most Passive-Aggressive Way to Tell Someone You're Ready to Leave the Baseball Game

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