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Game Face FAIL

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By Unknown

We Take it All Back, THIS is the Worst First Pitch of the Season

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Everyone On These Arena Football Teams Bathed in Vaseline Before Going on the Field

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Hit the Ball Where it Lies!

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By beernbiccies
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Dwight Howard Loses a Free Throw Contest to Someone You Wouldn't Expect

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The Indiana Crowd Went Silent as Ted Cruz Bizarrely Refers to a Hoop as a Basketball Ring

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We've Found Him, the World's Crankiest Arizona Fan

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Fancy Camera Technology Won't Stop This FAIL

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By Unknown
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The Worst Ceremonial Pitches of the Year so Far

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Balancing Act FAIL

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By Unknown
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Start Pre-Gaming For All the Fresh FAILs From the Olympic Trials

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This is What Google Thinks of Your Quarterback

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Finding Your Pocket FAIL

Awkward clothing fail nation gifs g rated sports - 5645612288
Via Reddit
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Rugby Players Actually Take the Hits That Soccer Players Pretend to Suffer. Check This:

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This is the Most Hilariously Inept Series of Rowing Accidents You Will Ever See

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His Knees Are Not Going to Like This

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By Unknown
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