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The Vandals Don't Even Have Proper Spelling These Days

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Watch Out East Coast, the Weather is About to Crappy

facebook hurricane erika typo
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Spelling Bee FAIL

irony school signs spelling - 5649224960
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Is Our Children Learning Their Mathematicals?

irony news spelling school fail nation - 7938329344
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Devouring Entire Boxes at a Time

cereal killer tweet warrants perfect response
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The Educated Are Really Not Going to Like This Advertisement for Education

school facepalm irony spelling fail nation g rated - 8319498496
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Completely Unexcepted

facepalm irony spelling - 8242833408
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Arby's is Doing a New Kind of Trade

sign accidental sexy spelling funny - 7670867712
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See? He Really is Irish at Heart!

St Patrick's Day typo barack obama spelling - 8110464256
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Doop the Woop

funny spelling sign - 7890620160
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No Sexuals Allowed In This Home

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Rest In Piece Bro

FAIL tattoo spelling - 8574793472
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Take That, School!

drugs spelling sign - 8124547072
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For Maximum Irony, I Hope They Outsourced This Sign

FAIL spelling - 8581464576
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Favorite Steak FAIL

Beef food sign spelling - 6568495616
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Any Relation to Dickbutt?

FAIL Starbucks spelling name - 8818014720
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