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Gonna Reach That Rich 1% Milk Next Time

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I Hope That's as Good as Happily FAIL

marriage spelling typo wedding whoops - 5686675968

Yes Virgina, There is a Diploma

school facepalm spelling funny - 7607922688
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Simple Mistake FAIL

spelling school mistake whoops - 6675890944
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Teacher Appreciation FAIL

school irony spelling - 7017712640
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Editing FAIL

whoops editor spelling newspaper - 7355793664
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Merriage Proposals Are Tough

FAIL proposal spelling - 8818750464
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GDFGDFGGF - Representative from the FJKOQANGVV District

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This is How We've Come Full Circle

candy Music eminem spelling - 7130952960
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Colon Meat FAIL

language spelling meat fail nation - 6875981056
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Craigslist Users Prove They Have No Idea How to Spell

craigslist free stuff spelling - 7086435328
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Watch Out for Feelings at the Bottom of the Pool

warning sign spelling - 8063269376
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Finally, Our Zombies Can Hear Us

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Clearly a Graduate of Said University

sign university genius spelling - 6977395200
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When You Only Thug a Little Bit

FAIL tattoos Ugliest Tattoos spelling - 8582122240
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The Brewers Might Need to Check Their Local Street Signs for Spelling Reference

sports baseball genius spelling funny - 7680056832
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