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Back to Arts and Crafts School!

facebook back to school spelling - 8554179840
By Unknown

Classic: Knowing Your Audience FAIL

pop tarts sign label spelling - 6792343296
By Unknown

The Class of Facepalm

roman numerals facepalm spelling funny g rated fail nation - 7887517952
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Now, Whose Fault is That Spelling Error?

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Meanwhile We'll Never Know Why They Continue to Pay That Editor

headline facepalm genius spelling funny newspaper - 7683699456
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You, However, Are in Trouble

decal zombie irony spelling fail nation g rated - 8251351808
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game show wheel of fortune spelling Video - 69203969

Failing at Spelling AND Disney Trivia in One Go

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In My Day We Just Called Them "Mounds"

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GDFGDFGGF - Representative from the FJKOQANGVV District

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Watch Out for Feelings at the Bottom of the Pool

warning sign spelling - 8063269376
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ONLE at Walmart

guns facepalm Walmart spelling - 8307450368
By EnigmaticRaevyn

Only One Quote Away From Meathead Inspiration

gym wisdom spelling quote - 8459883008
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Spelling Correctly Is Not An Option FAIL

fans Hall of Fame signs spelling sports - 5407335168
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On Second Thought, Let's Try Another Employer

resume irony spelling - 7047409664
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Blessed be Ye Whose Angles Add to 360

spelling funny newspaper - 7734659584
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One Basketball Fan is Going to Have a Great Day

whoops headline basketball spelling - 8132640512
Via Mark Fishkin
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