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I Think You Mean "Rithmatik"

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Gonna Reach That Rich 1% Milk Next Time

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There's a Pill for That Problem

dude parts accidental sexy spelling - 8368643840
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We Have Spelling Commandments Too, You Know

facepalm spelling funny - 7565750784
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Two Rooms of Doom, Like That Old Motown Song

whoops tent spelling g rated fail nation - 8198838528
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Political Movement FAIL

whoops texas spelling politics - 6767259392
By Unknown

Ka-Niffs? What's a Ka-Niff?

engrish knives spelling funny - 7852915712

Their Low Attendance is Obvious

FAIL graffiti spelling - 8811602688
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Oepn 24/7, Never Locsed!

sign spelling - 7080719616
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Those Methodists DID Always Seem a Little Twitchy...

sign drugs church spelling fail nation g rated - 8251340800
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For Maximum Irony, I Hope They Outsourced This Sign

FAIL spelling - 8581464576
By Argosy2015

Completely Unexcepted

facepalm irony spelling - 8242833408
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Typos Were Just as Embarrassing in Classical Texts

whoops typo spelling - 8060767744
By Unknown

Spelling Correctly Is Not An Option FAIL

fans Hall of Fame signs spelling sports - 5407335168
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Try to Find Everything Weird and Wrong About This Screencap From Miss America 2014

facepalm spelling - 8319512576
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"Yeah, Like Full of Great"

tattoos spelling - 8169602048
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