FAIL Nation


The Cycle of Crime Continues

Criminally Dumb Criminal irony sign - 8248895488
Via Acid Cow

We Have a Real Rebel Here

sign rebel literalism we got a badass over here - 7047517440
By Unknown

Do They Have a Member's Club?

sign engrish accidental sexy - 7247129600
By James C

Pay it Forward and Trash Someone Else's Car!

sign accident facepalm funny - 7859820032
Via Reddit

Why is This Button so Stiff?

warning sign duh - 8350209024
Via Acid Cow

Just Another Day in Australia

warning sign birds australia g rated fail nation - 8343999232

High-Tech Security FAIL

danger fake sign warning - 6535977984
By Meghann

We've Moved Completely Into the Beyond Now

sign store - 8422955776
Via tpolisher

Go Home Sign, You're Drunk...

Go home sign, you're drunk...
Via JWStarfish

Another Sign That Shouldn't Need to Exist

sign gas station facepalm - 7953902592
Via Reddit

Naming FAIL

fail nation g rated park sign - 6082714368
By figglenohip

The Best of the Worst of Photoshop This Year

Ad photoshop sign - 7993888000
Via Photoshop Disasters

Ski Lift FAIL

sign accidental sexy not what it looks like fail nation - 6992415744
By Unknown

Press Buttons Until the Fire Disappears!

warning sign engrish fire - 8426984960
Via Acid Cow

There's an Easy Solution to This...

wait sign irony - 7169026816
By Unknown

The Perfect Starch

sign funny fruit - 7604384000
Via Bits and Pieces