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School Bullies Might Want to Make Sure Their Target Hasn't Started MMA Classes

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Did We Get a New President?

school wrong barack obama politics - 8322600960
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Dumb Idea of the Day: Australian Student Jumps Into a Chilling Bay To Save His Drone Work

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Spelling Test FAIL

ouch school spelling test - 6583026432
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Going Green FAIL

not for kids school - 5445628672
By Alex Shattuck

When You Hit the Right Angle...

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Spelling Bee FAIL

irony school signs spelling - 5649224960
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Emergency Preparation FAIL

school emergency fire extinguisher genius - 6659855872
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Was This a Math Test or Reading Comprehension Exam...

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25 Teachers Share The Worst Cases Of "My Child Can Do No Wrong" That They've Seen

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Now, Whose Fault is That Spelling Error?

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Measurement FAIL

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Walk of Shame FAIL

lady bits school underwear walk of shame - 6564400128
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A Teacher Can Make a Dumb Mistake Using a Smart-Classroom Projector

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Take Notes Kids, This Teacher is a Prime Example of Being Shot Down After Hitting On Another Teacher

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What is This, a Classroom for APES?

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By Jimbo Jones