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Stimulating Class Discussion FAIL

class school stupid toilet paper - 5424101376
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But When is Winter Break FAIL

sign school sexy times - 6750152704
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ouch school graduation whoops - 71086081

This Poor Girl Trips and Eats it Hard While Getting Her Diploma. Welcome to Adult Life!

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Someone's a Baaaaad Student

funny animal image little lamb in math class
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school sports FAIL teacher basketball Video - 80588033

Watch as a Crossover Ends This Friendly Student-Faculty Basketball Game and One Teacher's Knee

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algebra cover image

Some People on Twitter Think This Cover Image on an Algebra Textbook is Bending the Fabric of Time and Space

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Looking Out For Your Safety, Always!

sign school out of order g rated School of FAIL - 7062310144
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Sign for the Blind FAIL

blind irony post school students - 6524813824
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This is Exactly Why They Have Permanent Records

funny school image little girl describes her super powers and everyone should be concerned
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There Are Kinds of FAIL in This World...

There Are Kinds of FAIL in This World...
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school FAIL porn teacher Video - 78788865

A Teacher Can Make a Dumb Mistake Using a Smart-Classroom Projector

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school FAIL australia win - 79833857

One Way to Engage Your Students is to Accidentally Set an Open Poll

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Did We Get a New President?

school wrong barack obama politics - 8322600704
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Music school FAIL singing cringe Video - 82405633

How Far Into This Almost 8-Minute Cringefest Teacher's First Day Medley Can You Make It Through?

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Why on Earth Would You Do That?

school FAIL funny - 7486520576
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Welcom Bcak, Kids!

facepalm irony spelling school - 8314986240
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