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Watch as a Crossover Ends This Friendly Student-Faculty Basketball Game and One Teacher's Knee

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When You Hit the Right Angle...

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What Are The Other 4? FAIL

oh canada school - 5413584640
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Just Letting the Reality of Failure Set In

funny text image letting failure sink in
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But When is Winter Break FAIL

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Please, Teach Me Your Magical Ways

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Censorship of the Day: A Utah High School is in Hot Water After its Female Students Were Made More "Modest" Through the Magic of Photoshop

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One Kid Got Booted Back Home After Dressing Up as Christian Grey for a School Celebration

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Instilling Confidence FAIL

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Ok But Can Jackie Some Extra Credit For the Effort?

homework school FAIL - 8814472960
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Girl asks her classmate for notes, gets rejected, and then has total meltdown | exam 3 notes sorry? W are gonna send notes exam three Hey, sorry don't really have notes this unit learned most this stuff already my other bio classes get already know but why does mean don't get notes W doesn't seem very fair

Choosing Beggar Asks For Classmate's Notes, Gets Rejected, Has Meltdown

No, no, and more no.
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Slimer Ruins the Stairs For Everybody, AGAIN

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twitter school graduation FAIL celebration Video - 501508

Skip the Metaphor, Sometimes Life Hits You in the Face As Soon As You Graduate

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Welcome to the Real World

funny fail image mailman delivers diploma
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High In The Sky FAIL

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school FAIL porn teacher Video - 78788865

A Teacher Can Make a Dumb Mistake Using a Smart-Classroom Projector

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