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Harry Potter religion FAIL parenting - 75732481

When a Pastor Says You Should Drown Your Kids Before Letting Them Read Harry Potter, It's Time to Walk Away

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Choice of Background FAIL

christmas politics religion - 5444529152
By lwh0032

Whoever Missed the Last 'T' on This Easter Banner Almost Nailed It

funny fail image easter banner typo
Via BBCYork

United States of Deep Fried Religiosity

usa religion map - 7857849088
By Unknown

The Old Bait and Switch FAIL

dinosaurs religion science - 5626835712
By Unknown

And Yea, Did He Give a Hanging Globe Upon the World

religion not what it sounds like what fail nation g rated - 7136346880
By Unknown

By the Grace of Scents I Go

perfume religion whoops fail nation g rated - 8414104064
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Holy Rolling FAIL

jesus dancing religion book weird Hall of Fame best of week - 6760962048
By Unknown

God Had a Few Beers Before This One

religion sign - 8196294656
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Yeah, Make Sure to Get Your Crazy Theories About Obama Right!

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The Rest of Us Just Have Bad Posture FAIL

church signs gender bender innuendo religion - 5445470720
By Unknown

He is Risen FAIL

easter jesus religion - 6078939392
By Tedward

Attracting Worshipers FAIL

church signs marketing religion signs - 5590275072
By Unknown

Baby Ducks FAIL

OC religion typo - 5959023104
By Rob

Praystation FAIL

fail nation g rated Hall of Fame photoshop Protest religion signs video games - 5671959808
By Unknown

Choice of Advertiser FAIL

irony religion - 5763618560
By omerg1993
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