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Whoever Missed the Last 'T' on This Easter Banner Almost Nailed It

funny fail image easter banner typo
Via BBCYork
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18 Dank Christian Memes That Won't Send You To Hell

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Innuendo Juxtaposition FAIL

billboard innuendo juxtaposition p33n religion - 5545867520
By Brittany
katy perry religion parenting Video - 75801089

If You're the Parent of Katy Perry, You're Going to Be Ambushed By Crazy Christians Like This

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Clever or Horrible Marketing FAIL

church signs clever marketing religion wtf - 5762318848
By Nathan

Using Your GPS FAIL

cars gps jesus religion - 5854334464
By Unknown

Choice of Background FAIL

christmas politics religion - 5444529152
By lwh0032

Spirit of Giving FAIL

church signs innuendo religion signs - 5594326016
By Willie

We Weren't All Meant to Coexist, Maybe

Via I Heart Chaos

Another Cringe-Inducing Response to the Nye/Ham Debate

religion facepalm science - 8042480640
Via Buzzfeed
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