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Music religion FAIL Drake cover - 75930369

If You Make a Gospel 'Hotline Bling' Cover to Reach Millennials, You're Gonna Have a Bad Time

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Kosher FAIL

irony jewish religion - 6091613952
By Shira O.

Must Be Near Brokeback Mountain FAIL

church signs innuendo religion - 5671162624
By Unknown
tumblr calculation of how many communion wafers equal jesus

Tumblr User Runs The Ridiculous Math On How Many Communion Wafers Equal One Jesus

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The Rest of Us Just Have Bad Posture FAIL

church signs gender bender innuendo religion - 5445470720
By Unknown
ouch religion irony Video - 44045057

Ironic Crushing FAIL

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Innuendo Juxtaposition FAIL

billboard innuendo juxtaposition p33n religion - 5545867520
By Brittany

Forgiveness FAIL

church signs fail nation innuendo religion - 5994914560
By nomi

Factual Argument FAIL

church signs common sense Hall of Fame religion - 5569134336
By Unknown

By the Grace of Scents I Go

perfume religion whoops fail nation g rated - 8414104064
Via letassi

God Had a Few Beers Before This One

religion sign - 8196294656
Via IAmAkpftw

Holy Rolling FAIL

jesus dancing religion book weird Hall of Fame best of week - 6760962048
By Unknown

We Weren't All Meant to Coexist, Maybe

Via I Heart Chaos

Choice of Advertiser FAIL

irony religion - 5763618560
By omerg1993

Whoever Missed the Last 'T' on This Easter Banner Almost Nailed It

funny fail image easter banner typo
Via BBCYork

Suggestions FAIL

netflix inappropriate jesus religion - 6685410560
Via Reddit