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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

funny puns, clever dad jokes and memes | tawdry hepburn [dumb bitch hour eraserheadbabby my friend gave birth her car on way hospital and her husband named kid Carson and if don't think 's best dad joke ever get out my face | Planes were invented 1903 Trains were invented 1804 Babies before 1804 :

Dad Jokes, Puns and Other Clever Memery

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When You Really Don't Want to Touch a Public Toilet, You Gotta Hover(board)

funny bathroom image hoverboard over the toilet
Via dwells7583

You Know A Classic Internet Image is Classic When It Still Gets You Sofa King Happy

sign FAIL puns classic - 8974438400
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Sending Texts To Your Ex Can Be Adele-icate Subject

dating FAIL puns win texts - 8596100352
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Ice To See You FAIL

ouch FAIL gifs puns ice - 6751905280
Created by Unknown

Being an Adult Means You Can Buy a Big Ol' Sweet Potato Just Because It Looks Like a Dong

funny fail image woman buys sweet potato that looks like a penis to sell it for charity
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Don't Bait too Hard Now

puns business funny - 7773585920
Created by EctoDestructo

He Really Loves The Salty Sea

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No One Got Tired in This Race

FAIL gifs puns close call tires - 7186279936
Created by Unknown

Dumbledore Kills Darth Vader's Father But He Was Dead the Whole Time, You've Been Warned

puns cars - 8319517696
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news FAIL pig puns laughing classic Video name win - 74183169

This Anchorman Has One Job, But This Pig's Punny-Name is Causing Him to Crack-Up Laughing Instead

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funny puns and memes, pun memes, bad jokes.

40 Pun-Filled Memes That'll Make You Facepalm

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Funny tinder moments, online dating ,texting.

27 Clever Moments Of Pure Tinder Gold

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Should Have Gotten a Bigger Spoiler, Bro

scuba FAIL puns cars ice fail nation g rated - 7082707456
Created by Unknown
tweets from the weird horse

This Weird Horse Is Tweeting Hilarious Tales From The Farm

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The More Family Hoes, the Merrier!

funny fail image family christmas card is full of hoes
Via @yoshedabomb