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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

siri telling you to go as yourself for halloween

Don't Ask Siri for Help on Deciding a Halloween Costume

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When You Steal and Crash a Cider Truck into a Barn, It's Gonna Be News

funny fail news woman steals and crashes cider truck into barn in Maine
Via Robert Abdoo

Left Without Comment

accidental sexy innuendo puns sign - 8354311936
Via Brown Cardigan
Funny screen grabs of facepalm pick-up lines, some of which actually worked - cover image of crass suggestion that the girl either things is entertaining, or knows the guy already.

20 Ridiculous Tinder Pickup Lines That'll Make You Instantly Facepalm

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We Came to Bury This Joke

puns shakespeare - 8162320896
By beernbiccies

Sometimes You Get Exactly What You Ask for

facepalm puns - 7948793344
By Unknown
picture of laughing sharks and caption about funny fish puns

Dude Tries to Complain About a Terrible Sandwich on Twitter, Ends Up With an Awesome Lyrical Pun Battle Instead

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Cynical and dark webcomics filled with puns

21 Dark And Pun-Filled Comics From Rock, Paper, Cynic

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funny technically accurate jokes and memes

25 Not Completely Incorrect, Technically Accurate Moments

Reality depends on how you look at it.
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Nando's Knows How to Spice Up Your Date

funny facebook image guy complains about spicy food on nandos facebook
Via Nando's

Sending Texts To Your Ex Can Be Adele-icate Subject

dating FAIL puns win texts - 8596100352
Via h4roldsmith
brilliant life quotes

25 Smart Quotes That Will *NOT* Change Your Life

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Pour Some Sign-Language on Me

Music sports puns irony funny fail nation g rated - 7846338816
By Unknown

Thanks A Lot Public School Education

Via DavidFowlerMusic
tweets of hilarious food jokes and puns

24 Hilarious Food Jokes That Will Make You Ask For More

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Don't Bait too Hard Now

puns business funny - 7773585920
By EctoDestructo
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