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Probably bad News

news florida shark Probably bad News Video - 71710721

Someone Tried to Sell a Live Shark Outside of a Grocery Store in Florida

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Restocking Those are Going to Be a Real Game of Ketchup

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Nice GTA Impression

news Grand Theft Auto Probably bad News thief - 7020524032
Created by G-Unit1111 ( Via NBC )

Probably Bad News: Who Does #2 Work For?

airplane bathroom Probably bad News thats-racist wtf - 5451515136
what prank Probably bad News police fail nation - 68122113

Raw Footage of a Woman Throwing Bacon at Cops to "Feed the Pigs." Because "God Told her to."

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Desperate for Chicken FAIL

chicken Probably bad News theft weird - 7039558400
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What Has Terrible Literature Done to Us?

news dude parts Probably bad News funny fail nation - 7843047680
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Glad I Missed It FAIL

news headline oh god why Probably bad News - 6823825664

Fail of the Day: California Man Spray Painted Himself Black to Hide from Police

Via Madera Police Dept.
fire Probably bad News ouch Video criminally dumb criminals - 56851457

This Thief Gets Caught With His Pants Down. No Wait, Pants ON FIRE.

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This is Why the Justice System is Broken

court law Probably bad News news fail nation - 7979327744
Via Telegraph

Probably Bad News: You're Not Helping

embarrassing fail nation irony Jerry Sandusky news oops pedo Probably bad News sports - 5558395648
Via NY Daily News
Probably bad News Music Video On-Air Blooper - 66328833

Musician Bob Geldof Gets Kicked Off of the News for Dropping the Dreaded "Bollocks" Word

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Alibi FAIL

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Created by G-Unit1111 ( Via Bristol Post )
marriage news Probably bad News Video fail nation g rated - 68155393

His Wife Might be a Little Bit Mad That He Bulldozed Their Home. Maybe.

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Take a Good Look: This is Where 20 MILLION Bees Accidentally Got Loose in Philadelphia

news bees Probably bad News - 8195990784
Via NBC Philadelphia

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