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This is an Easy Mistake to Make, for Sure

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By Unknown

Treatable FAIL

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Via Criggo

No Matter How Bad Your Day is, You Didn't Make THIS Error

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Via Kara Swisher

Probably Bad News: I Wonder What Kind of Abuse it Was...

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By Fernando
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The Perfect Crime: One Cow, One Car

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A Colorado Man Used a Stuffed Owl Named "Solomon" as His Defense Attorney. It Was Not a Hoot.

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Probably Bad News: Have You Tried Turning it Off and Turning it On Again?

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By Unknown
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Things Get Way too Real at This Waffle House

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This Quadruple Amputee is Armed, Dangerous, and On the Run From the Law

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Via Orlando Sentinel

We're Already in Contention for the Best Headline of 2015

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Probably Bad News: The Old Switch and Bait

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Via Daily Mail

On the Bright Side, Free Watermelon?

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By Unknown
Probably bad News news Video - 59473409

The Rest of the Neighborhood Doesn't Appreciate These Bathroom Decorations

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A Real Life Elf on the Shelf Gets Arrested After Passing Out Drunk in His Car

christmas news drunk elf on the shelf Probably bad News - 8408603904
Via NJ

Probably Bad News: They Clearly Go Hand In Hand

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By Unknown
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One Man Deployed the Emergency Exit on a Plane... to Leave Early and Get Fresh Air

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