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Who Got Rid of the Cherry Flavor?

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By unseroath1
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This Moose Hates Snowmobiles Just as Much as the Rest of Us

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Probably Bad News: I Think We Can Teach Them a Thing Or Two

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Probably Bad News: Reverse Psychology Never Works

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Via Reuters

Probably Bad News: Just Plead Guilty

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Via Reddit

Tripping on the News

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Via Bad Newspaper

Idiots DO in Fact Have a Single Common Ancestor

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Via Huffington Post

This Car Crash Was Caused by a Teen Lighting the Driver's Armpit Hair on Fire. You Read That Right.

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Via USA Today

Probably Bad News: I Don't Think He Should Be Qualified as an Expert

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By peekietoe

Probably Bad News: Putting The 'Hyp' in Hypocrite

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Via Daily Mail

Crime Never Pays if You're an Idiot

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Via Boston

We All Suffer From This Disease Sometimes

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Via Criggo

Surprise Pets are the Best Pets!

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Probably Bad News: You Don't ALWAYS Have To Renew Your Subscription

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By Unknown

An 82-Year-Old Woman Gets Busted Trying to Steal the "Sexiest Fantasies" Perfume

Via Arbroath

Thank God the Streets Are Clean Now

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By Unknown
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