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Funny political memes that use the simpsons, donald trump, election 2020, nevada | CAN BE VERY, VERY PERSUASIVE. COME ON. STOP COUNTING THE VOTES. NO. | NEVADA GOING BE HONEST WITH LISA NEVER COUNTED VOTES

25 Memes That Hilariously Mix 'The Simpsons' & Politics

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American Patriotism Everyone

funny fail image Cleveland Police report protestor lit american flag and self on fire
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genius facepalm funny politics fail nation - 56363009

This Idiotic Public Forum Proposal is Straight Out of TV Comedy

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Awkward Moment of the Day: Ben Affleck Goes to Congress to Talk About the Congo, Gets an Awkward Handshake Gratis

Awkward politics - 8085512960
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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's Official Portrait Looks Nothing Like Him

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guns facepalm Congress politics Video fail nation g rated - 57474817

This Member of Congress Really Wants You to Know About the Dangers of Loaded Guns

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Tweets and memes about the scotch tape on trump's red ite

Awkward Picture Shows Donald Trump's Tie Is Held Together by Scotch Tape

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facepalm science Video politics - 69074945

James Inhofe of Oklahoma Attempts a Bulletproof Takedown of Global Warming... With a Snowball

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news stephen colbert donald trump Video politics - 84154881

Watch Stephen Colbert Take a Moment to Congratulate Russia on Winning the Cold War

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Did We Get a New President?

school wrong barack obama politics - 8322600704
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Who Wore the Colored Felt Better?

john boehner totally looks like politics fail nation g rated - 8432866304
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donald trump Video politics - 84364801

Seth Meyers Absolutely Slams Donald Trump Over Climate Change Policy

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The Problem With Having Political Parents

bumper sticker cars politics fail nation - 8320360192
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funny memes, middle class, suburbs, twitter memes, 2020 memes, satire | Randall Otis @RandallOtisTV Podcasters are on cusp transforming into fascist nation country on brink civil war know civil war get hungry why Blue Apron | Man hate this time change @middleclassfancy Haha know gets dark too early Yeah

30 Middle Class Memes For Lighthearted Suburbanites

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politics joe biden Video - 64946177

Joe Biden Pulls a Joe Biden and Tells a Student Vice President "Isn't it a B***"

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bros politics what Video - 56727041

These US Senators Are Living Like College Bros in a Frat House. Seriously.

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