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That Could be the Name of Basically All Politicians Though!

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Immediately After David Cameron Gave His Resignation Date, He Adorably Forget His Mic Was Still On

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This Captain's Frustrated Flight Announcement is the Equivalent of Your Dad Threatening To Pull the Car Around

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Presidential FAILs

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Joe Biden is a Never-Ending Font of Dad-isms

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The Internet is Loving How Bad This Donald Trump & Mike Pence Official Campaign Logo is

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Sex Ed of the Day: Idaho Rep Asks If Women Can Swallow Cameras for Gynecological Exam

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Ludacris Drops the Burn of the Month Against the Bush Family

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Probably Bad News: loln00bs

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The New Tactic for Terrorism Recruitment: Pretend to be the Internet

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Meat On His Mind FAIL

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Funny Memes, Dank Memes, Political Memes, Funny Tweets, Supreme Court | Amy Coney Barret holding up a notepad with a drawing of Garfield with boobs | LIVE 3:01 pm ET Jared Keller W edbeter Folowing If dog wore pants would he wear them like this like this? or 31 54 U.S. SENATE BUDGET START HEALTH CARE LAW REPEAL SEN. BERNIE SANDERS C-SPAN2 Vermont Budget Committee Ranking Member

Memes Ensue After Judge Barrett Holds Up A Notepad

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Needs More Hot Air FAIL

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Step 1: Hand the Prime Minister of Ukraine Flowers, Step 2: Full On Parliament Brawl...

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Ivanka Trump gets trolled on Twitter after ridiculous misspelling.

Ivanka Trump Gets Hardcore Trolled After Ridiculous Misspelling

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Twitter reactions to donald trump stable genius tweet.

The Internet Is Running Wild With President Trump's 'Stable Genius' Tweet

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