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The Yelp Page of the Indiana's Controversial Pizzeria Got Ugly Real Fast

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What Every Political Rally Photo Op ACTUALLY Looks Like

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Is There a Trump Dermatologist That Could Offer Him Discounted Tattoo Removal?

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Walking On The President FAIL

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This Member of Congress Really Wants You to Know About the Dangers of Loaded Guns

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CNN Showed a Live Stream of VP Nominee Mike Pence Getting a Haircut and It Was as Awkward as It Sounds

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James Inhofe of Oklahoma Attempts a Bulletproof Takedown of Global Warming... With a Snowball

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An Arizona Political Hopeful Mistook a Van Full of YMCA Kids for Sad Migrant Workers, so That Should End Well

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Just How Bad Does Congress Have it Right Now?

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"Must be a Tang Telemarketer..."

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Gas Station FAIL

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Donald Trump - funny pictures and funny memes from his 2016 election campaign. | Person - "Sorry losers and haters, but my LQs is one highest-and all know Please don't feel so stupid or insecure 's not fault"

The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Quotes Donald Trump Has Ever Said

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Broadway Hamilton Cast directs speech to Mike Pence

Twitter and Donald Trump React in an Explosion of Joy and Horror After 'Hamilton' Cast Targets Speech at Mike Pence

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Stephen Colbert Is Here to Talk About How Trump Appears to Be Ready for Day One-ish

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Watch This Woman Go On a Crazy Racist Rant In a Clip From Retail Hell Itself

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List of funny Donald Trump koi memes.

Trump Dumps Fish Food In Koi Pond, Becomes An Instant Meme

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