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Some Parkers Just Want to See the World Burn

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Slow Clap for the Effort on This One

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This is One Useful Parking Tip

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Arizona Parking FAIL

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They Say Most Car Accidents Happen in Parking Lots. Here's Proof for That Claim.

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Congrats on the Most Improbable Parking Spot

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Parking in Seattle Takes a Bit of Research

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A New Low in Douchebag Parking

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Parking FAIL

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Use Caution and Protection When Driving Down This Street

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How Rude of That Tree to Park in Your Spot!

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How Could Anyone Park Like This?

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Parallel Parking FAIL

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How Many Parking FAILs Can You Have at Once?

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Sometimes You Need Your Friends to Help You Park

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Park it in Slowly but Confidently

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