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Jenga Parking FAIL

cars parking wtf - 5913565184
Created by holdens-rule-fords-drool

This Spot Has a Two Hour Limit, Right?

cars parking - 7267801856
Via Metro

Mind if I Squeeze in Here?

cars douchebag parkers whoops parking - 8342823936
Via hipstorian

This Guy is Absolutely the Worst Parker Ever

douchebag parkers cars funny parking - 7733273344
Via Reddit

Saved By the Boat FAIL

accident car cars close call driving parking - 6594261248
Created by Unknown

Oh, So You Want to Take Up Two Parking Spaces?

cars parking g rated fail nation - 8326295808
Via AnotherCJMajor

You Pay Less for Taking Up Less Space, Yeah?

cars crash parking - 8244191488
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Congratulations, You're Terrible at Parking!

douchebag parkers parking lot cars passive aggressive parking chalk - 6901991424
Created by Unknown

You're Supposed to Line it Up and Park Like That, Right?

douchebag parkers cars driving parking - 6936238848
Created by fordps3

Backed Perfectly Into that Spot, Right?

FAIL cars classic parking - 8814535936
Via Liamdevine

No, You Need to Bring it in Just a Few More Inches

cars gifs parking fail nation - 8259793920
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I Make My Own Spaces!

douchebag parkers cars funny parking - 7666952448
Created by PeterV

Sorry, This Your Spot?

bicycle cars bike parking fail nation - 8256633856
Via IamAlexander9

Parking at the Eye Doctors Has Its Challenges

funny fail image parking signs at eye doctor all bent backwards
Via jim_diesel6

Presenting to You: The Most Entitled Person Ever

note jerk parking - 7347174144
Via Reddit

Thnaks for the Notic!

sign spelling funny parking - 7722843392
Created by Unknown

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