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This is Not How You Park

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Airport Parking FAIL

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Oh, So You Want to Take Up Two Parking Spaces?

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Parking Your Smart Car FAIL

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It Clearly Says No Parking FAIL

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Things Get REALLY Serious During the Holiday Shopping Rush

On-Air Blooper news parking g rated fail nation - 8391353600
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We Saved a Spot for You!

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Park Like This, Prepare to Get Keyed

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Gotta Keep That One on the High Shelf, Away From the Kids

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This Sizzlers Parking Lot is Going to be Ruined Forever

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How Could Anyone Park Like This?

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Parallel Parking is So Much Harder When You Have No Idea How Badly You're F*cking it Up

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Arizona Parking FAIL

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Created by dante2810

How Rude of That Tree to Park in Your Spot!

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Douchebag Parker, Meet Douchebag Note Writer

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How Long is it Going to Take for This Person to Make a Simple Parking Job?

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