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This Guy is Absolutely the Worst Parker Ever

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How To Change A Tire FAIL

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Parking Your Smart Car FAIL

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Douchebag Parker, Meet Douchebag Note Writer

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Twenty Minute Parking FAIL

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Mind if I Squeeze in Here?

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Is This Space Open?

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Parking in Seattle Takes a Bit of Research

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Smart Parking FAIL

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douche parking

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Totally Unavoidable Accident FAIL

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The Parking Sign at a California School is Determined to Reach the Heavens

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After Hours of Intense Ritual, the Truck Has Accepted the Sports Car as its Mate

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When You're a Jerk, the World is Your Parking Space

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You Can Lead a Car to a Parking Space, But You Can't Make it Park

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This is the Biggest Jerk Ever

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