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Cause and Effect in Action

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A Stunt Gone OUCH

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That First Turn is a Killer

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It's Got Quite a Kick

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Don't You Hate it When "Almost" Isn't Good Enough?

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Bend It Like M. Jackson FAIL

embarrassing faceplant michael jackson ouch - 5732485888
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dancing ouch pole dancing Video - 36426497

Stripper Practice FAIL

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This is What it Looks Like When Electricity Catches Fire

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ouch scary sinkhole whoops Video fail nation - 68979969

CCTV Cam of the Day: South Korean Couple Sucked Into Sidewalk Sinkhole

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It Works Out Your Gluteus Bad Idea Maximus

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Recoil Double FAIL

gifs gun headshot ouch - 5967112704
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The Hops Just Weren't Quite With This One

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ouch FAIL gymnastics TV right in the crotch Video - 74047745

How Do You Say "Go to a Commercial Break, I Just Broke My Crotch" in Italian?

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Classic: The Russian Judge is Not Going to Go Easy on This One

ouch gifs flip - 8274039040
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ouch snow Video - 58322177

One Man Battles the Snow, and Not in the Way You Would Expect

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Kick-Up FAIL

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