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Lean Just a Little Bit Closer...

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Dry Ice FAIL

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Barbie's Dream FAIL

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That's It, Just a Little More to the Left...

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This Construction Crew Might Have a Problem on Their Hands

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Don't Mess With Physics, Never Lean Forward

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It's Got Quite a Kick

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It's All Fun and Games Until the Old Man Drops a Young Girl

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Beer Delivery FAIL

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Mind the Traffic Laws, and the Signs too

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Rugby Players Actually Take the Hits That Soccer Players Pretend to Suffer. Check This:

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Nice Try, William Tell

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Take Your Base!

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Nothing Seems More Painfully Ironic Than Only Being Able to Slowly Hobble to a Hospital Because a Turtle Has Chomped Down On Your Knob

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None of These People Even Thought That Jumping Over a Moving Car Would be a Bad Idea

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Some Days You're the Dog, Some Days You're the Pole

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